Family – Twin Babies

Family – Twin Babies

For those of you who might not know, I am a twin, so when I was given the opportunity to have a photoshoot with Tommy, Abbie and their absolutely adorable twin babies I was so happy. My first photoshoot with twins, I knew it will be double-trouble but I was also sure this will be double cuteness. And I was right. We went by car to the nearest forest from their place and made the best of a lovely sunny summer day. Oh yes, I almost forgot, they also brought along the family dog. What a fantastic idea.


Lead Photographer

As a professional newborn photographer, I work hard to exceed the standards set by the mums and dads of London every time. My photo sessions are always held in a calm and nurturing environment, one that seeks to capture the blissful essence of this joyous period in a family’s life.


April 2, 2020