About Me

I love fluffy pets, long walks in the park with my twin,
great coffee and beautiful light.

A Passion for Photography

My passion is to create timeless pictures of your children, that capture their lovely personalities, and become a priceless reminder of a moment in their childhood to treasure for life.

My love for photographing newborns and babies started back in 2011 when I worked part time for an Outstanding Ofsted Awarded Nursery to finance my Master Degree studies at the University of Arts, London. This experience taught me the best health and safety ways to handle tiny babies, and there is nothing more important in my photography work than your baby’s safety.

I base my work on a passionate belief in the value and importance of photography. Through the medium of photography we can freeze time and record forever moments of  happiness, family bond, quiet contemplation and brilliant humour in a fraction of a second. The ability to harness this skill is invaluable.

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