The newborn stage is such a short and unique period in your baby’s life
and it can never be recaptured once it has passed. Having a professional
photographer who can create for you lovely and carefully crafted
photos of your newborn is the best way to capture those precious
memories and have them for a lifetime.

Clients Say

“We were amazed about your professional photos:-). Elise looks so happy and relax in those photos!!!“

Tomomi Saeki, London UK

“Ana put me at ease during the photo shoot, asked questions to understand my goal and made the whole process very smooth. Selection and editing was fast and final quality superb. I would totally recommend her.“

Silvio Croce, Italy

“I have been looking to images of the Mayfield Lavenders you took and can not stop crying. They are all amazing! I can not THANK YOU enough!!“

Hilal Yildirim, London UK