Events – Raducu’s Christening


It is always lovely and challenging at the same time to photograph a big and important event like a baby christening. The family gathers at the church and together they welcome the baby into a bigger family which is their religious community. There is a lot of effort put into the event, attention to detail but most importantly, the baby’s reactions to all this are priceless.

It was a beautiful autumn morning when Raducu had his christening and he was a few months old on that day. A big part of his family was there to comfort him and help throughout the lengthy religious ceremony. All my effort and attention was focused on capturing the key moments of the ceremony and best candid shots possible of baby Raducu and his family.


Lead Photographer

As a professional newborn photographer, I work hard to exceed the standards set by the mums and dads of London every time. My photo sessions are always held in a calm and nurturing environment, one that seeks to capture the blissful essence of this joyous period in a family’s life.


January 31, 2017